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"world famous games"
I can't wait to see where this goes.

KingCringe responds:

""world famous games""

Uh uh uh, E for EVERYONE!

I dont care if it cost money or it's free. Meat is meat opossum,rat, TEDDYBEAR, rubberducky.

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Yea I 'member.
This is heartwarming. I'm half tempted to come out of amateur retirement.

You know you got my support, love seeing my music in movies and games on NG.
But that aside I can't be biased when reviewing works submitted to NG.

Music did take awhile to load on the title, like awhile. I went and got a cup of coffee and came back the music was just starting.
The rest of the game was pure silence, except for towards the end where there was a few sound effects. I insisted that you use

The working in the 2 rooms got old fast. I understand it was a build up to the finale of the demo, but l got tired of it after 10 times.
People don't care about working in video games, they just don't want it to seem like real work.

What kept me going through it all was the dialogue. Especially when you talk to the other worker in the 2nd room again, that right there was a brow raiser, but it was pretty one dimensional seeing as your character talks to the red eye but doesn't acknowledge or talk back to the guy on the otherside of the hole.

I also like the "twists" you added in at the end that sets you up for a lot. Brings your mind back to the rooms and creates a much larger picture of what that place is and how the MC ends up there, but going from the rooms to that place was very bland(A nice transition and change of bgm would have set the tone perfectly)

The credits, oh man the credits. Made me want to play it again so I could read them all, but then I thought about earning 50₪.

I would definitely play the full version and help you on a full fledged soundtrack,

Abobo shall replace Buddha


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A Dr-James classic.

I love the intro, what soft do you use?

mrtmoney responds:

You should check out the song "relenting" by Jalhi. That's my other version

Made me think of Jim White.

Epic mix of your own works, and the ng visuals do that guitar justice.

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